Personal Injury Attorney

Thomas J. Hough Jr. was admitted to practice in the State of Georgia on November 14, 1972, following his graduation Cum Laude from Woodrow Wilson College of Law on June 16, 1972, and has continuously practiced law since that time. 
Following the award of his JD (Juris Doctor) in 1972, he subsequently earned his LLM (Masters in Law)the degree of Graduate of Woodrow Wilson Law School on June 16, 1972 was awarded the degree of JD (Jurist Doctor).
In 1973 he earned his  degree of LLM (Master in Laws).   While his focus was taxation his dissertation addressed the subject of the constitutionality of public taking by Imminent Domain.
Following his admission to practice before the courts of Georgia and the United States District Court in Atlanta, he began his legal career in Smyrna, GA in the Law Office of George Carreker, where he focused on Real Estate primarily title examinations. 
He began his own firm in partnership with Marston C. Brown of Marietta, GA with the formation as of January 1, 1973 of the firm known as Brown & Hough where he remained for more than ten (10) years engaged in the general practice of law.  
He formed The Law Offices of Thomas J. Hough, Jr., PC,  on the amicable dissolution of Brown & Hough, when he decided to focus his practice on the representation of clients injured and damaged as the result of negligence and on the job injuries.  He has continued his personal injury practice from that time to the present. 
He has successfully represented a wide variety of clients.   in several significant cases.  His cases have run the gamut of soft tissue to paralysis and death claims, he choses to characterize all his clients as presenting significant claims.    No one will deny that a permanent change in one's lifestyle and the total loss of the quality of one's life as a result of permanent injury represents a significant claim.   

Author of weekly article in the Bartow Trader entitled "Jim Hough - It's the Law"

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